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Liposuction FAQS

Body Jet Liposuction FAQ

Water Jet Liposuction is removal of body fat after making the fat cells loose with the help of jet of water.

Water Jet Liposuction uses water pressure to make the fat cells loose and then suctioned then.

Water Jet procedure takes less time than traditional liposuction because the fluid is injected and the fat is removed through the same cannula.

Water Jet Liposuction is safe and the results in less swelling and bruising.

The side effects are very unusual but can include contour irregularities and need for revision.

The pain and swelling are less with water jet liposuction

Usually only one but can be repeated if required.

Yes, it does give long lasting effects. Some up keep with diet and exercise is desirable as with all body contouring procedures.

Any individual with areas of excess fat deposit, not responsive to diet and exercise. Individuals who need fat to be transfer to another area.

1) Less Bruising

2) Less Swelling

3) More precise sculpting

4) Water Jet Liposuction gives the best and purest fat for reinjection in to the body. It is the best technique for harvesting fat for Autologous Fat Injections.

You are up and about the same day and can resume desk work in a day or two. Most usual routine activities can be resumed in a week.

The cost of the Water Jet Liposuction is slightly higher than the other method because of disposable kits.

The procedures that can be combined with water jet liposuction are Autologous Breast Augmentation (Non Surgical Breast Augmentation), Brazilian Buttock Lift, Correction of contour deformities as well as any procedure where Autologous fat may be required.

Liposuction FAQ

Best Candidate:

Individuals with localized fat deposits on the body with good skin elasticity. It does not improve cellulite. Patients with loose, flabby skin are not good candidates.


Local Anaesthesia or General Anaesthesia.

Length of Surgery:

1-4 Hours

Length of Hospital Stay:

Outpatient or 1 day


2-6 Weeks


2-6 Weeks


2 Days


Sutures may or may not have been put but if put are removed in 7-10 Days

Back to Work:

2-4 Days


Limited exercise for 2-3 days. Regular workout after about 2-3 weeks.

Final Result:

Seen in several months. The results are permanent if the weight and diet are kept stable. If there is weight gain it is in the areas of body where no Liposuction is done.


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