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body jet liposuction in India

Body Jet Liposuction in Delhi India

Body-Jet is a recent development in cosmetic and plastic surgery. This specialized liposuction technique is highly effective and gently washes away fat cells in any area of the body, safely and with minimal tissue trauma. This technique, being easier on the tissues, results in less bruising and swelling, allowing patients on the path to a quick recovery. Body Jet Liposuction can be used on a single region or on multiple areas in one surgical session. Areas which can be targeted include arms, hips, thighs, back(upper and lower), stomach, breasts and buttocks, giving smooth desirable results.

Body Jet Liposuction procedure is typically performed as an out-patient procedure under local or general anesthesia. This is a minimally invasive treatmentin which the procedure takes 45 min to 2 hours, depending on how many regions of the body are treated. This treatment uses overall less injectable anesthetic and infiltration fluid hence the removal of fat cells resulting in a gentle process. Whether local or general anesthesia, you are fit to be discharged the same day. After the treatment, you are on the path to a smooth recovery.It is quite common for patients to be able to return to their daily activities a few days after the procedure. In fact, the procedure has been termed as a “lunch break lipo” ( when performed on a single region)because most patients are able to undergo the procedure and shortly afterwards assume their usual activities comfortably, with a new, beautifully shaped body.

Water Jet Liposuction for Lipedema:

Lipedema is an unusual condition that leads to fat build up in the lower part of the body and extremities sparing the hands and the feet. The buttocks and legs are most frequently affected. Diagnosis can be made on physical exam and imaging studies like ultrasound or MRI can rule out other pathologies. The most common differential diagnosis is lymphoedema from blockage of lymphatic channels. The conditions are different though Lipedema can lead to Lymphoedema in the latter stages and lymphoedema can also lead to fat accumulation.


  • Progressive Heaviness and deformity
  • Lymphatic blockage in the later stages
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Difficulty in walking in late cases
  • Psychological issues

Treatment and Management

A. Nonsurgical

  • Diet and lifestyle: a healthy diet and lifestyle may be advised to control and slow down the progression of the condition. Walking, swimming, bicycling and other aerobic exercises often help as does a good low carbohydrates diet.
  • Massages: Specialized massage techniques to "milk up" the swelling like lymphatic drainage can help.
  • Specialized wrapping techniques called Decongestive therapy.

B. Surgical treatment

Liposuction with the usual techniques can get rid of the fat but can block the lymphatic and is not considered optimal. Water jet liposuction removes the fat and preserves the circulation and is considered the surgical treatment of choice for this condition.

Water jet liposuction is done with the help of the cannulas (like metal straws) which force water jets into the fatty tissues causing swelling and dislodgement of fat cells which are then selectively sucked out. The surgeon will advice compression garments post operatives which can be continued indefinitely. The other nonsurgical treatments should also continue.

Advantages over other liposuction techniques :-

This technique, Body Jet Liposuction, is much easier on the tissues, resulting in less bruising and swelling.It is highly effective and more comfortable, with an advantage which allows patients on the path to a quick recovery, achieving a smooth, natural appearance.

Another advantage is in coupling this technique with autologous fat grafting. This is a minimally invasive procedure and does not crush or destroy fat cells like other traditional liposuction methods. This technique produces highly useful fat cells which can be used in fat grafting and other procedures. In other methods of liposuction, Ultrasonic, Tumescent and Laser, the amount of cells which can be harvested for re-injection is less in comparison to the Water Jet method is less. This is due toa majority of fat cells being destroyed in the process of reducing the size of the fat cells to be easily suctioned out. In the Laser technique, fat cells are melted and suctioned out. In the tumescent technique, fat cells are swollen then made to burst to make smaller particles to be suctioned. Finally, the ultrasonic method, breaks the fat cells into smaller pieces by ultrasonic waves to be removed easily. In Body Jet Liposuction, a fan-shaped water jet gently pushes pressure against the fat tissues. This allowsthe fat cells to wash off gradually and be suctioned out immediately. A higher percentage of cells removed are whole and intact without any damage, ready to be used for fat grafting. The harvested cells to augment various area of the face (cheeks, chin, lips, etc) or body (buttocks, breasts, hips, etc).

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