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Archives : September, 2017

Nose Job For Getting Proportionate Shape of Nose And Correction Of Airway

Reasons for nose job: Large sized broad noses spoil the aesthetic appearance of the entire face. These noses draw the attention more than other facial parts. People tend to hide

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Lip Augmentation Surgery to Enlarge the Size of Lips by Injecting Fillers

Lips are important facial parts as they are natural enclosures to our mouth and are also important for our speech because they help us in pronouncing some sounds. Some people

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Blepharoplasty for Removing Excess Fat & Skin from Eyelids

Some people may have excess sagging skin around the eyes. Even excess bagginess is seen in lower eyelids of some people. This is due to excess fat depositions and absence

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Liposuction for Removing Excess Fat and Getting sleek and Slim Body

There are cosmetic surgical treatments for weight loss. This surgery is clinically known as liposuction. Surgeons have a thorough consultation with the patients where they gather information related to their

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