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Liposuction for Removing Excess Fat and Getting sleek and Slim Body

Liposuction for Removing Excess Fat and Getting sleek and Slim Body

Liposuction for Removing Excess Fat and Getting sleek and Slim Body

There are cosmetic surgical treatments for weight loss. This surgery is clinically known as liposuction. Surgeons have a thorough consultation with the patients where they gather information related to their lifestyle, eating habits, ongoing treatments and medications if any and overall medical history of the patients. Then they design a surgical procedure keeping in mind the problem areas from where they actually need to take out fat deposits so that the patients would reduce their weight and have a slim body with appropriate contours and proper proportion of shape and weight in different parts of their body.

Liposuction in India is offered by various expert cosmetic surgeons that are registered with concerned authorities and have their clinics mostly in various metro cities including Delhi. These surgeons have adequate practical experience of conducting liposuction procedure and possess good track record of treating number of patients that get satisfactory results and enjoy a healthy life after liposuction surgery.

Liposuction price may vary center to center. The ultimate price of the surgery depends on some important factors such as:

  • Experience and expertise of the surgeon
  • Procedure used for conducting the surgery
  • Charges for equipment and hospital usage
  • Fees of anesthesia expert
  • Location of the clinic where the surgery is being performed
  • Additional cost of medication prescribed for healing and pain relief after the surgery.

Usually liposuction is performed after administering general anesthesia so that the patient would be taken to deep sleep artificially and would not experience the pain of cuts on skin and any other procedure during the surgery. Surgeons take smaller incisions by dissecting the patient’s skin in desired part to be treated. They insert cannula that is thin hollow tube in the fat deposition and move it in a controlled manner in order to break and loosen the fat deposits. Then they use a large syringe or a suction pump to extract the fat and take small stitches to dissolve the incisions. After the surgery patients can get instant weight loss and a slim and trim look to their body as excess fat would be removed.

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